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tv   [untitled]    January 13, 2012 10:31pm-11:01pm EST

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going to the capital account because i'm lauren lyster. to believe the roughing it. but one of the protest the body seems to know. that never a pepper spray to the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic.
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sorry guys it's time for tonight's tool time war and so tonight we're heading south once again to present it to tennessee is not afraid to show off its conservatism when it comes to social issues pretty sure that tennessee comes really close in taking the cake and one thing of the tennessee government stands up to fight for is anything related to restricting the rights of lesbians gays transgenders and bisexuals if you remember we told you a while back about the state implementing s.b. zero zero four night also known as the don't say gay bill. no public elementary or middle school shall provide any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality the man behind the bill you can't even talk about being homosexual in tennessee public schools because if you don't talk about gay people apparently disappear but the state legislator didn't think that that
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bill went far enough they really wanted to make sure their state had no gays so former state legislator and current christian activist david fowler proposed an anti bullying bill that would actually protect the bully if he were really abuse somebody because it's his religious or philosophical belief you heard right they want to make a law allowing bullying if the person says that they're defending their personal or religious beliefs and if you look up information about fowler it's pretty clear who he wants to be the target of the bully we can't change what marriage is are cannot draw all square circles and i cannot draw all round squares and i cannot make a marriage between two people of the same sex. yet he is a homophobe so you think the bills like those would be extreme enough to fulfill the state legislature's anti-gay desires but oh no no no no no they are going even further state representative richard floyd out of chattanooga has put forth
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a new anti transgender bathroom bill so this bill would actually restrict transgender people from using public dressing rooms and restrooms ensuring only that people of that designated sex can use those areas and take out floyd says during an interview with a local t.v. station about this bill is it i don't care if he thinks he's a woman and tries on clothes with them in there i just try to stomp a mud hole in him and then stomp him dry don't ask me to adjust to their perverted way of thinking and put my family at risk. stomp a mud hole apparently that's a term that means kicking somebody until they can't get up so now you know a little bit more about this man's character let's go back to the bill if there are any violations would be handled by issuing a monetary fine and the enforcers would rely on the person's birth certificate to make sure the bathroom users were born the sex that they claim to be so does floyd want to put a papers check in place in public bathrooms to ensure that people are of the proper sex and using those facilities i mean how the hell do you plan to enforce something like that a skirt check match your birth certificate and our they're not going to be policing
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the bathrooms to make sure that no transgender individuals actually try to break those laws it's truly insane and if the bills passed then are people going to start carrying their birth certificates as well as their driver's license just because they need to use a bathroom i mean enough is enough with tennessee is literally piling up with legislation on l g b t is disgusting but thankfully we have a little bit of good news to report the house bill has lost its sponsor and state senator bo watson withdrew the senate version of this measure saying that there are much more pressing issues to deal with than now however the tennessee house has not followed it wants footsteps so for actually attempting to implement this absurd bill aimed against transgender people in tennessee being able to use the bathroom their state house and representative floyd floyd excuse me are tonight's tool time winners. now we have to ask if the online community is becoming one of the most powerful forces in activism we've documented for you almost every single move and
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action in what's become massive opposition to both protect ip and sopa from the tech giants and legal experts to the reddit community speaking out against the anti copyright legislation the chorus keeps growing they've caused go daddy to rescind their support as well as congressman paul ryan today senator patrick leahy a senator who coauthored coauthored the protect ip act is saying that this bill needs more study he's considering taking out the d.n.a.'s redirect option and that's just the beginning because less than an hour ago lamar smith republican congressman and author of sopa announced that he would remove the d.n.a.'s blocking from his bill until it could be for the exam it so now let's find out if these caves are enough to stop the impending damage to what we know as internet freedom joining me to discuss it is trevor tim activist at the electronic frontier foundation he also curates the legal twitter feed reporting on legal and first amendment issues surrounding wiki leaks trevor thanks for joining us tonight. first i got to get your opinion here because some people are trying to report this
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differently right wired for example said that leahy said that he's going to remove this d.n.a. as option mike masnick over technique is pointing out that he's saying that he's actually maybe just postponing it what's your take. well i think there's two separate issues here because there's two separate bills of soap in the house and sex ip in the senate so what leahy said is he wants to study this d.n.a.'s provision after the bills passed he doesn't want to implement it right away and this is kind of the way tack it's a tactic like mike as it was saying he's essentially proposing that we wait on implementing it and then when nobody's paying attention we go ahead and start again . but lamar smith on the other hand surprisingly said he's going to take it out the bill together so i think senator leahy is probably eventually going to follow in his footsteps now we also have another update that i was just handed which is that pippa's own sponsor is they were supposed to vote on this. on january twenty fourth and they're now asking the senate to hold off on the voting asking senate senator
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harry reid to wait so is that a really big development in your mind. yes absolutely this bill from the beginning has had a ton of sponsors almost forty sponsors and in the senate which is just a huge number comparatively to other bills and we got to remember this was passed out of committee and literally minutes there was no amendments it was on a voice vote so nobody really knew what they were signing up for now that everybody is hearing from their constituents they're really beginning to see what the big problems are there was a letter today from sixty o p senators asking harry reid to slow down the process you know harry reid's trying to pass this assumes they get back in a week it's going to be his first order of business but they're saying wait a minute hold on there's internet security problems there's first amendment problems and then later in the day just like an hour ago like you said the democratic senator from maryland ben cardin who is also co-sponsor the spill said that he wouldn't vote for it as it stands right now you know he had prior said
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before that he was going to vote for it but now he's been here chris constituents constituents she's change his mind so i think the internet activism and all the people calling their senators writing into their senators is really starting to help because we can see that even people who we thought were their biggest supporters are finally wavering well you know i think that you know there's always an element when constituents start writing and start calling into their senators but to me the one of the most interesting things here is the online activist community do you think that this is really something new that we're seeing that we're going to start seeing more out of because reddit has been incredibly vocal in all of this and to me the only way to interpret what's actually happening in congress because before it was kind of going on in the radar none of these congress members really think to have an issue with either protect ip or sopa until everyone else made a fuss so it seems like they're caving to a certain type of political pressure. yes absolutely i mean like i said i think these bills got dropped so quickly that senators and know what they were signing up
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for you know everybody hears what we want to stop internet piracy and everybody is for that but didn't realize how broad these bills were and how many millions of innocent users they were in effect and how much free speech was going to censor and read it has been amazing like you said you know they they started the whole go daddy movement and within forty eight hours they go daddy changed their position and as soon as that happened they turned their sights on politicians they went after paul ryan first who had you know kind of been wavering one way or the other he wasn't a real supporter but soon he was putting out a statement saying he was in a spot sponsor and then a few days later he was saying no actually i'm against it so they've had real success just yesterday they posted the phone numbers of all sixty one senators who won't have town hall meetings before this vote was a closely supposed to take place and we're seeing an uptick in phone calls so read has really been great in organizing the internet around. activism and you know their biggest move is going to be on january eighteenth when they black out their
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whole site for the whole day instead of being able to go read it and you know click on your favorite links like you normally will it's just going to be a black page with instructing users what soap it is and how they can fight it and now we've seen other sites that want to join in on this cheeseburger network run by ben. said and he said that he will join in the blackout with a p.d. is is thinking about joining move on dot org is joining so all these sites you're not going to be able to go to and do what you normally do it's just going to send users who may not have heard about soap or pipa because a lot of t.v. networks excluding yours have a big covering it now they're going to have been a huge black out there but i'm carries the do you think that in a certain sense the maybe interactive ism is going to become more powerful than people taking to the streets you know for a long time even complain that americans seem rather apathetic we don't see big massive protests any. i think the occupy wall street movement changed that a little bit and well occupy wall street has done is definitely change the
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discussion in the country by red it has actually i guess you could say been more effective in getting certain businesses and getting certain lawmakers to really fall in line yeah i mean this threatens. read it's existence right there general manager said a couple weeks ago that if this bill passes read it may have to shut down because of all the legal threats they'll face right now how it is that users to read it are liable for any copyrighted content they post but soon right it's going to have to be policing its own site if sopa passes and you know millions and millions of winks it's virtually impossible the internet has grown over the last twenty years and has been so great is because they can allow these user generated content to get posted when there's a problem the copyright holders petition the website and they take it down but now whole sites are in trouble and right it's the prime example and the internet
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activism that sprung up from it is great because now there's the structure in place to where if there's ever a threat to internet freedom in the future which there are many bills going through congress right now do that they'll be better structure and hopefully better organization in the future you know i guess in the meantime you know we've seen a lot of cities we're just talking on the show yesterday about how camp and charlotte are gearing up for the r. and c. and for the d.n.c. and they're bringing in a massive police presence and they're you know passing certain laws to make it more difficult for people to protest but you can't just get rid of the internet all that easily so i think we're going to see a lot more activism there trevor thanks so much for joining us tonight. thanks for having me. i still to come to my fireside friday and a happy hour stephen colbert has a very big announcement that he made last night and the last apology in. corking come back to bite.
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into it on your military mechanisms to do the work to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcomes the big picture.
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i'm lauren mr. be there to lead the reps in the. but what a fantastic nobody seems to know. that never a pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic.
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welcome to tonight's fireside fridays with your host of cops. ok this friday i'll keep it simple just like last week as you last week we pointed out the lobbying pays off it pays off big time to the point where a study found that every dollar that a multinational corporation spent on lobbying for the american jobs creation act brought them a twenty two thousand percent return a very nice neat example of how our government is bought so tonight we have something kind of similar something to remind you that it matter if you're a democrat or if you're republican in america today at the end of the day you serve the same interests you serve whoever gives you the most money and president obama is a perfect example of that the man of the right complained was the most liberal president we have ever seen in america also happen to get the largest contributions from wall street in two thousand and eight so wall street is trying to push the notion that obama is
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a business friendly and they threaten to give all their money to mitt romney or other republicans instead you know that they're still donating to obama figures just released for the last quarter of two thousand and eleven show the president raised in that quarter just in that quarter forty two million dollars far more than any of the republican candidates but it's not just wall street it's you know there are a number of big industries and big powers that have our politicians in their grips and wall street is only one of that another example are defense contractors the ones that profit off of an america that's forever at war and so in that sense if you listen to republican critiques the ones that say that obama is weak that he's made our country less safe they have to ask why that has obama thus far collected the most money from defense industry employees the center for responsive politics has just released figures that show that so far through december of two thousand and eleven the president has collected one hundred twelve thousand dollars from defense industry donors mitt romney only fifty six thousand rick santorum not even five thousand ron paul interestingly enough just under fifty thousand but so what
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all this shows you once again i will repeat is that the democrat versus republican line is all. when it comes to defense when we say that made very clear every time that are completely polarized congress comes together easily to pass another defense authorization act it also shows you how the cries over defense cuts that we keep hearing are also baloney the four hundred fifty billion dollars in cuts to defense that congress authorized to happen over the next ten years they leave the pentagon doing just fine let me remind you the defense spending is actually still continuing to grow that even with these cuts will be spending more than we did at the end of george w. bush's second term and that's probably one of the reasons why those in the defense industry keep donating to obama because they know that at the end of the day their jobs and their interests are safe with him so there's no one out there anymore that could possibly try to make the argument that obama is an anti-war president those who ever said that well they just didn't listen on the campaign trail even though
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he always said that he thought the war in afghanistan was the right war but he's gone far beyond just that think about pakistan yemen somalia libya you name it some of that might be his inability not to abuse the executive power in his hands some of it may very well be is own beliefs but there is always the element of influence and of money as we go through this next year will be inundated with campaign rhetoric and attack ads in the mindless reports that we get from the media on the elections it's like crack to them what they won't do and what we always need to remember is to follow the money because it tells you a lot. for happy hour joining me this evening on this friday evening is and you're blake ards
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the web writer and that is somebody on the hill reporter for capitol hill thanks for joining me guys a little start off with something that announcement that stephen called there made last night on his show take a look. i am proud to announce that i am forming an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for my possible candidacy for the president of the united states of south carolina. but he also did it to hand over control of his super pac to jon stewart and i think he said like let's rename it to the super rag not really at all associated with with stephen colbert i like that he's doing this i think this is so genius and you think it's genius i do i think the great i think he's making fun of the entire system and what citizens united is done and i just love it when we maybe everybody knows this but what happens to the money that he gets in the super pac that's not poured on stewart is now in charge of it so therefore stephen colbert has no idea what's going on with
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the money but whoever is can control the super pac in spending however they want what it. states of south carolina what is what. i think that technically isn't like here to with yeah we all know it's an area where you have a joke but it's a good joke but i don't know if it's a good joke well i'm hoping i don't think it's good to know is do you do this before a really good news just like he was receiving the start of the super pac i think he does good things because he points out the absurdity in our political system like the fact that he could start a super pac whatever i don't know he just handed over to somebody else like he was never even of all when you know you connected to i hope he campaigns they take his dumb show off the air and they put like dr katz reruns on ourselves i wonder what is with all the over i don't know you don't really need. this isn't ari. too highbrow i'm sorry cutting you off over money. so let's move on to a new ad that's out there by you yeah jad anti romney and the reason why
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he goes after romney or just some of the logic here is really interesting take a look. you'll see to win anything just like john kerry. he speaks french. about this from. massachusetts moderate and a massachusetts moderate cannot beat barack obama. so apparently mitt romney's range and if you know a few words are thank you. that's like that. chinese that's why we hate people that bilingual so much immigrant you know so jealous because he got a fair paris in france and like actually get the stuff but i would like to go. a little funny thing about this and he pointed this out in foreign policy is that in one of his books he talks about his childhood and you know how he sorry he lived in the shadow valley with his family and you had enough french to survive when he
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would go off exploring the city on his own. you know some french well the other thing about gingrich and maybe is that he's a terrible person. you know that he is a huge opera fanatic and he randomly saying operatic whatever arias whatever and generally those are in an english that's really an italian or french or german and he loves wagner for example and went to the entire brings series so i was wondering why he's smart in such an unlikely so why am i going to come down on someone else for being missionary in france this is serial hypocrisy here yeah. oh yeah yeah. all right now talk about poor paula deen for those of you the obsessive we watch things like the food network and like to watch other people cook and it goes big when she cooks we have some examples for you. you
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know me for cheese. we're going to start with eight ounce package of cream cheese and a stick of butter that's been brought to room temperature everything this woman gooks is like two boxes the sugar and six other butter like them for us and care mel that it's just the healthiest thing on the planet and he makes you feel like you're have a heart attack just watching it and so for a long time. anyway let me just move basically the point is that paula deen has now come out and admitted that she has type two diabetes did out of town type two which is the kind that basically you know is associated with eating a lot of fatty food with eating the food she herself makes and the only reason she's been coming out with this is because she now basically is going to be the spokesperson for some type of medicine and so she's going to make a whole bunch of money off of her affliction by selling
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a medicine for the diabetes so delicious the less bad delicious south american was over grimly doing what we already have one fat old white person. diabetic. betty. hero from. she's good she's going to hawk this thing i think that she has to be like full fledged full suffering like she needs like ulcers on her leg that need to be amputated because he says so far and come on now with all sort of honor learned early on. that the diabetes people they have that they do i think they will make three point is that it cooks all this stuff all the time you know he's just he's in fame we healthy and it's your right what i took that obviously it is as you're. eating it don't you have to actually change your diet when you're i don't think you have to be able to eat any of the stuff that you've already showing you that you're not going anywhere. do you know trying to do is going to make your fried cheesecake
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and then step aside need a salad really cool or. have her life is and. let's talk about facebook really quick oh it's just you know champions of your privacy you're right what they're doing is they're now. basically they have this new thing that they're doing right now it's a partnership and so they're going to mind your personal data for any status messages and comments that might have political sentiment in that and then that information is going to be passed on in statistical form exclusively to politico for their trademark analysis thing and if you want to opt out of it too freakin bad because you can't. someone's i want someone reading what i put on the internet because usually i just sit there hitting refresh waiting for that little thumbs up i said i don't think they're going to be interested in what you're reading on the internet because the political you know you know this isn't that all of the political you know you know i don't pay attention to things i know what's up but
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usually my grandson clued things like bowls or whatever just thrown in there so i hope that they like my. balls yeah i hope they like my balls because they're getting balls. back there and i was going i was going to go. home to. just two balls. so anyway. this is the why did you keep doing this and for people like us who tend to obviously right wing braves and i don't mean that you know. but then it isn't you wouldn't towards you know i don't know i just the whole thing makes me feel uncomfortable plus i mean for us politico we don't work for politico so it's just it's just another example of our information being interesting alina but we're going to. have a great weekend and that is it for tonight. it's show thank you very much for tuning in and make sure they come back on monday director k think the for johnson
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is going to be on the program and talk about his movie on man he's going to tell us why he felt the need to make a movie from the perspective of a drone pilot in the meantime don't forget to become a family on the show follow us on facebook and on twitter and you can find everything at youtube dot com slash they want to show and coming up next is this. is he.
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wealthy british style.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds of reports . hello i'm tom are going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture tonight we revisit to past conversations i had with great minds that are just as important today as when they first aired we begin with professor gar helper of it's with enormous stresses on today's global economy many people are wondering of capitalism itself needs to be reimagined in this conversation professor alfred as does just that.


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